About Me

I am J C Smith, a licensed insurance professional in the state of Indiana. I support small businesses to keep in contact with their existing clients as well as potential clients through email, text and phone contact.

My "Choice Insurance Lead" program is designed to help you maintain your competitive edge while retaining those clients you have worked so hard to get.

Your database is filled with expired or expiring policies that you just don't have time to contact so before you let the prospect walk out the door, because you just don't have the time or manpower, give us a call.  We will help you keep your name in front of  these hot leads so that they call you to renew or keep their policy in force before looking elsewhere.

Don't let another client walk out the door because they haven't heard from you in months. Maintain that competitive edge by staying front and center.

Contact us today if you need professional customer support!

J C Smith
317 345 9388